Tour Hue 21.04: Life is a journey!

Each journey of the Amazing English Tour is a new page in a book of memories full of experiences, where hearts passionate about learning blend with crisp laughter and thrilling emotions. Today, AET would like to share with you the emotional journey and experiences of the students under the guidance of Ms. Hanh.

Journey to immerse yourself in the world of traditional craft villages – Step into the world of talented artisans.

Right from dawn, the morning rays of sunlight crept through the trees, gently awakening the peaceful country roads. AET’s bus carried a group of excited students, bringing with them joy and eagerness to explore.

The first destination is Bao La Rattan and Bamboo Craft Village, where the skillful hands of artisans have breathed life into each rattan strand and each bamboo stick, transforming them into sophisticated products imbued with Vietnamese cultural imprints.

Students witnessed the meticulous production process, listened to generations-old stories about the craft, and tried their hand at making traditional bamboo fans. Each knitting line and each fold is done carefully and meticulously, demonstrating the students’ high concentration and ingenuity. Joy burst out when the bamboo fan was completed, bringing with it boundless pride and excitement.

Break through your limits and Conquer English.

The coming afternoon promises new and challenging experiences when students participate in English communication activities with foreigners. Stepping out of their comfort zone, the students confidently talked and shared stories about themselves, their homeland, and Vietnamese culture with new friends from all over the world. Every story shared, every bright smile, and every eye sparkling with joy is a testament to the efforts, confidence, and outstanding progress of the students. The meeting ended with warm hugs, promises, and new friendships being nurtured.

The journey ended in a brilliant sunset, when the last rays of the day gradually fell, dyeing the sky red. AET and the students returned with beautiful memories. Looking through the car window, beautiful sunset routes appear like colorful paintings, marking a meaningful day.

AET would like to send our deep gratitude to Ms. Hanh for trusting and accompanying the students throughout the journey. Wishing all students to always maintain their passion for learning, exploring, and having more interesting experiences in the future. See you again on the next journeys of the Amazing English Tour, where passions are ignited, limits are conquered, and beautiful memories are built!

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