Tour Hue 21.04: Early summer on brilliant days

Every Sunday, AET continues its journey, “Enter the Palace”. Even more special this time, AET continues to accompany the students of the beautiful teacher, Ngoc Bich, one of the lovely pieces of the AET family. After spending a memorable day together, the students, Tour Leaders and even AET still have a lot of lingering memories. Why? This tour simply had a lot of laughter and a lot of memories.

Explore Hue traditional craft villages and enjoying the swimming pool at Kim Dong Water Park.

On a sunny morning, we went to the craft village space to visit and learn about traditional craft villages in Hue. Coming here, the students were introduced to the characteristics of each craft village by Ms. Thu and other Tour Leader. After hearing the stories, we understood why every time Tet, Mid-Autumn Festival, or grand opening occasions come, there will be a lion dance. 

Besides, we also learned how to make hats, incense sticks, Thanh Tien paper flowers, and Sinh village paintings. It requires the meticulousness and ingenuity of the artisans. The next activity was enjoying the swimming pool at Kim Dong Water Park. The moment at the swimming pool is the most impressive highlight of the day. Everyone smiled so brightly; the sunlight in Hue at noon was not as bright as their innocent smiles.

Practicing English and playing games with Foreigner Tourists

And now, AET and the students officially “Enter the Palace”—move to Hue Citadel to practice English with foreigners. The students were very excited to learn many new things and share about themselves and their families with friendly and lovely foreign guests. In addition to talking with tourists, we also played many games, such as tug of war and dancing, so we looked energetic and cheerful!

So the day ended, and the students returned to their beloved homes, one by one, to their parents. Love the moment that AET team and the students said goodbye and wished to see each other again. AET looks forward to the moment we meet teacher Ngoc Bich and her “young children” again.

AET would like to send sincere and deep thanks to the parents and teacher, Ngoc Bich, for trusting and connecting you with AET. See you again!

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