Tour Quang Binh – The Green of Nature

When you go to Quang Binh, what colors do you think of? 

If Hue appears as a sharp, dreamy purple color, then Quang Binh appears as a vast green color, as if soothing the souls of those who visit here. And Ms. Giang’s students in Ha Tinh were the lucky ones to experience that green color. 

Explore biodiversity at Phong Nha – Ke Bang Botanical Garden

Passing Ngang Pass, the students will first visit the green of thousands of trees and leaves at Phong Nha Botanical Garden. From light to dark, from blue to green, they are completely surrounded by leaves and have exciting moments immersing themselves in nature through trekking activities, watching Wind waterfall, and visiting the nursery. At the same time, seeing and learning about animals in the rehabilitation area makes the students understand more about the work of protecting wildlife and the role of plants in our ecosystem. 

After lunch, the students continue their journey with a special trip to Phong Nha Cave, the number one cave wonder in Quang Binh. To visit, they go on blue boats, watch the gentle flowing green Son River, and look at Da Voi Mountain, which is covered by layers and layers of trees. It is a deep blue picture that opens the way to exploring caves for young explorers. 

Visit Phong Nha Cave & Challenge to practice English with foreign tourists

In the cave, they are eager to learn about the formation and development of the cave, the interesting geology, and the uniqueness of the limestone shape. Mixed in were meetings with friendly foreign guests, and the conversations between them lasted until the students left the cave.

The interesting thing is, on the way out of the cave and back to Ha Tinh, the students still walk on that green road. Where heaven and earth converge, bright blue bids you farewell, like budding hope after an exciting expedition. AET hopes that after this trip, the students will have many new experiences, especially a broader view of the world around us. 

AET sincerely thanks Ms. Giang for trusting and connecting, so that AET has the opportunity to make a Tour for Ha Tinh students for the first time. Thank you, students, for always being obedient, energetic, and actively participating in activities. See you again, Ms. Giang and friends, one day soon.

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