Tour Hue 06.04.2024

For six years, with the mission of helping students “from the village step out to the world”, AET has constantly strived to create, renew itself, and seek new things from familiar places. And the ancient capital of Hue was the first destination in the still confused early days of AET.

It is still a discovery experience in traditional craft villages in the ancient capital. It is still the English communication practice sessions under the shade of ancient trees in Ngo Mon Square. But the emotions of the Tour Leaders are still there. As students, they are still as fresh as in the beginning.

Visiting Thanh Tien Paper Flower Village and Sinh Village Folk Painting Village

On April 6, 2024, on the bus carrying 41 students of Ms. Tu (Hai Thien), we went together to two craft villages with a very long history, which are Thanh Tien paper flower village and Sinh Village folk painting village. Here, the students listened and learned many new things about the traditional cultural values of the land and people of Hue. And most of all, they were directly guided by artisans to make their own paper flower branches and folk paintings with true, rustic beauty.

Practicing English with International Tourists

After an exploration of traditional craft villages, it was time for students to practice English communication with foreign tourists in the Hue Citadel. Luckily, the weather was less hot, and the cool afternoon helped the students have more energy to chat with the tourists. More than three hours of excitement, chatting, playing, singing, dancing with foreign tourists… Those are truly all extremely valuable experiences.

At the end of the journey, the excited words shared, and the bright smiles of the students are a great source of motivation for AET. This constantly tries and continues to make more efforts on the path to fulfilling the mission of taking students “from the village step out to the world”.

AET would like to sincerely thank Ms. Tu, Mr. En, parents, and all students for always trusting and accompanying AET on the journey of conquering English. Hopefully, on the upcoming journey, we will meet again many more times. Whether in new destinations or still in old places, the feelings will certainly always remain intact.

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