Tour Hue 07.04.2024

Ding dong ding dong, the alarm clock has already rung, are Ms. Phuong Linh’s students and the three little boys and girls Ngan Ha, Hai Ha, Quang Nhat ready for a really energetic trip?

On the morning of April 7, the students gathered and left at 7:00 a.m. with excitement and enthusiasm. On the bus, the students can participate in exciting games, English instructions, and the introduction of unique destinations from Tour Leaders.

In the morning, our students visited and learn about the history of the Six Ministries and the traditional craft villages of Hue at the Luc Bo cultural space. In addition, the students could also participate in the new and attractive experience of painting conical hats, making kites, and making paper flowers.

In the afternoon, the whole group practiced English with foreign tourists on many common topics and sentence patterns, helping them become more confident. The students also received feedback from foreign tourists to motivate and encourage them. In addition, they also played games organized by the Tour Leaders which made the afternoon activities even more exciting.

Every experience is a memorable and unforgettable memory. Yesterday, AET and student Ms. Phuong Linh followed the shadow of the sun and immersed themselves in that sweet dream. Yesterday, we went on the road together.

AET would like to thank Ms. Phuong Linh and Phuong Ly for accompanying AET. When the teacher is happy, she can change the world. See you on the next tours!!!

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