Tour Hue 24.03.2024

“If life is an experience, let me be a wanderer around the world.”
AET once heard a saying like that, and until now, we still really liked it. It’s true that each of our lives is an experience; everyone has time to learn and live life to the fullest. Today is such a day. Accompanying AET this time are extremely energetic students from Hai Hoa High School. Although the weather was a bit unfavorable for the trip, in the end, the journey went perfectly!

Learn About Famous Hue’s Craft Villages and Experience Making Traditional Lanterns.

On the way to Hue, AET felt the excitement and anticipation of the students. Indeed, this trip has brought you unforgettable experiences. Located on the poetic Perfume River of Hue is the traditional craft village space. Coming here, students can listen to artisans introduce traditional crafts in Hue such as dragon lions, making conical hats, making incense, making paper flowers, etc. Moreover, the students also had the opportunity to experience making rice cake lanterns themselves and then take their finished products home as a souvenir of this trip to Hue.

Communicating with International Tourists

And then the afternoon came. An activity that all children are very excited about and looking forward to. This afternoon, Hue Citadel welcomed Hai Hoa students with hot weather, making the whole Citadel like a furnace. But “fire” is also the word for students. Fortunately, there were a lot of tourists, which gave them more energy and made them talk very enthusiastically. Goodbye to the heat; forget the disadvantages of the weather. After more than 3 hours of chatting together, the kids finally followed the Tour Leaders back to the car, had snack and went home.

A day that is not long but not short either, a day full of meaning, joy, and new things. The journey of AET and the children coming here is also gradually coming to an end.

Finally, AET would like to send our sincere thanks to the Board of Directors of Hai Hoa Primary and Secondary School, teachers, and parents for always trusting AET. Thank you for everything!

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