Workshop Learn English – Discover the World

AET has devoted all its thought and enthusiasm, as a spring gift, to providing students with an environment to learn, listen to knowledge, experience, skills, and the opportunity to meet new friends.

Especially when AET had the presence of two extremely charming and talented speakers, Tour Leader Kim Loan and Phuc Thuy, they helped students learn more valuable lessons and experiences from learning the language, transferred the greatest motivation and deepest to every little heart that is working hard day and night like “a daily dish”.

An even better opportunity is when the students who participated as “special guests” of the program with eight extremely excellent presentations as follows:

  1. Van Nguyen Ngan Ha, Van Nguyen Hai Ha – Our Favorite Book

2. Tran Vinh Hien – My hometown 

3. Tran Thuy Ngoc – Tet Holiday 

4. Tran Ngoc Thien Thao – My Dream

5. Hoang Thai Ha – Happy New Year 

6. Tran Ngoc Gia Nhien – What I plan to do in new year

7. Pham Thanh Thuy – Internet 

8. Phan Nguyen Thu Hien – Happy New Year 

How wonderful it is to have a real experience with a large stage, bright lights, the observation of parents, the audience, etc. The students have been very bold in standing in front of the crowd to confidently express themselves. Each individual has their own unique qualities when gathering materials from life into their own stories. From the costumes, charisma, and emphasis on each word, it motivated the audience into an emotional environment. This proves how much they love English and want to conquer it. 

Amazing English Tour sincerely thanks parents and students for their trust and support, enabling us to spread good values closer to students. The dedication and enthusiasm of parents and students participating in AET at the beginning of the year is truly precious to opening a new year with even more success.

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