The result of an Unnamed Journey

This journey has no name because after years of companionship with Thien, AET understands that there is no name that can completely embrace Thien’s journey.

Hmmm…How to say it?

Every time Thien appears in front of students, he is always the Tour Leader with a radiant smile and full of energy. He is also Dinh Thien, but when he sits down to share and listen, he is a very profound person.

And also, Thien, with lots of effort, resilience, and perseverance from the school-level knowledge journey to becoming the representative of Dong Ha High School – Quang Tri Province, to win the Laurel Wreath of the weekly 2, February, Second Quarter, “THE ROAD OLYMPIA 2024”.

This result is not simply the first prize in the weekly contest, but above all, this is the result of a journey that Thien has used her persistence and perseverance to walk. What should us call this journey, Thien? AET don’t know how to call it, we only know that when writing these words, it is extremely proud.

Congratulates Thien! Keep going forward and conquering the “top” of the mountain, where you are full of enthusiasm and love for youth!

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