Giap Thin Spring Tour 18/02

Giap Thin Spring Tour – The first Tour of 2024, is the most special tour. The Tour met extremely cute, sociable, and handsome students from Vinh Linh, Gio Linh, Dong Ha, TXQT, and Hai Lang.

The first stop of this tour is Thien Mu Pagoda – known as the most sacred pagoda in Hue. Here, students not only get to see the sacred symbol and pray, but they also have the opportunity to meet and communicate with foreign friends. Although the weather is a bit sunny, AET thinks that for these children, the surrounding environment is something that cannot stop their eagerness to learn, because everyone is energetic, enthusiastic, and extremely excited to communicate with foreign friends under the shadowy trees. Every guest is very happy, sociable, and friendly when talking and sharing with the students. AET believes that, with the enthusiastic energy of the children and the openness of the visitors, the students had effective and memorable conversations.

As you know, Hue city is famous for many different craft villages. And with the attraction of the products in those craft villages, in the afternoon the students were able to set foot in the exhibition space, introduce and demonstrate Hue traditional crafts – a place where essence and value converge. The unique and long-standing value of traditional craft villages. Here, the students have the opportunity to listen and learn about craft villages, thereby imbuing the values that our ancestors worked hard to create and being secretly proud that we have handicrafts that have been preserved until today. Even more special, the students had a very interesting experience making lanterns under the extremely dedicated guidance of the people there and a little help from the Tour Leaders. AET believes that the students have had memorable experiences for themselves as well as profound echoes of this useful trip.

On the occasion of the beginning of the new year, AET would like to send wishes for health and happiness, wish parents peace and prosperity, hope everything goes well, and wish students a brilliant year in your studies. 

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