The Mom Tour – A Child’s Trip with Mother Waiting

Hello Hue, hello March, we have an appointment. Yesterday, students and parents from Dong Ha city, Quang Tri town, Khe Sanh, Hai Lang, Gio Linh, and Vinh Linh accompanied AET on a memorable and meaningful Hue 3/3 tour together. Let us tell you about the first Tour of March 2024!

1. Visit Lavin Home & Learn Sign Language

In the morning, we moved to Hue City and stopped at Lavin Home, a peaceful and beautiful destination. It felt like this place is a fairyland, because here there were trees, wind, birds singing, and colorful flowers. The flowers here are most special, as they are made from the hands of unfortunate brothers and sisters who cannot speak, hear, or walk. From here, AET wants to borrow the image and meaning of sunflowers to express the optimistic and life-loving beauty of the brothers and sisters at Lavin Home.

In addition, the students also learned sign language, an extremely useful and interesting activity. Next, the students had the experience of making paper flowers and writing messages to the most special women in their lives. When reading the words that the children wrote, AET felt strangely moved. They were only short words, but they were a great love that they had for their mother. There was a friend who confided in AET: “Sister, when I get home, I will give the rose to my mother right away. I will wish her happiness and joy always.” Why are you guys so cute? It makes AET’s heart melt.

2. Visit Hue Imperial Citadel & Speak English with foreigners

After recharging at noon, AET and the students moved to the Hue Citadel to practice communicating with foreign tourists. We met many lovely and friendly guests, always ready to share tips for learning English effectively and how to be confident in daily communication. That is always a joy as well as a motivation to help students, and AET tries every day to improve.

The sun started to set, we had to say goodbye to Hue, and we had to go home to our parents. And AET firmly believes that, when they get home, the first thing the children do is give thanks, wishes, and tulips to their mother. That is also the message that AET always wants to convey to you: the simplest things are always the happiest.

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