Congratulations Tour Leader Hoang Phong Officially becomes a member of The Communist Party of Vietnam.

For students who often participate in AET tours, perhaps Tour Leader Hoang Phong is someone you are very familiar with, right? He is an extremely active person, always creating a fun atmosphere for the tours he participates in and for the students he meets. Besides that, Phong is equally “multi-talented,” as he is also the one who preserves the beautiful moments of the tour through the cameras.

Not only is Phong spreading positive values to the community, he also actively engages in activities and contributes to the school he is studying at, Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted. It is this constant effort that has helped Phong honorably become a Party Member—a title to be very proud of. Because this title is not easy to achieve, party members must be elite, excellent, and trusted by everyone. And Phong is completely worthy of his efforts. The recent IELTS 7.0 achievement is also a big milestone, and now another recognition will certainly help him fly high and continue to conquer new horizons.

Once again, AET wishes that Phong will always keep this spirit and overcome all obstacles to reach a better version of himself. Especially when Phong himself is preparing to step into the next page of his life—the university door. 

Wishes all the best to you!

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