Truong Son Memory

It has been a while since AET witnessed the image of Tour Leaders gathering together and talking about current and future stories.

It has been a long time since the Tour Leaders sat down to review the past year.

Since 2019.

However, amidst the busyness, the desire to meet and connect between people still exists. That is why the “Truong Son Memory” Tour was organized yesterday, leaving each “passenger” with deep memories.

Throughout the tour, there were special things.

The passengers are no longer students; the passengers now are Tour Leaders. Moreover, the Tour Leaders are not just tourists but have transformed into “peace-time soldiers” with red uniforms and green military hats, addressing each other with titles as in wartime, living and experiencing a day as real soldiers.

The tour began with a visit and commemoration at the National Cemetery of Martyrs at Road 9, where nearly 11,000 soldiers are buried. In the misty weather, in the sacred and respectful atmosphere, the “soldiers” offered incense, expressing their gratitude to the brave people who sacrificed themselves, exchanging peace and independence for the nation. From there, nurturing dreams of a bright future.

When the sunny weather started, the wheels continued rolling through the rubber forests, across the Ho Chi Minh trail, to a special place in Vinh Linh. That is the Bombed House – built from 300 bombshells. Here, it wasn’t just about visiting the unique three-room house made from bombshells, but the “soldiers” also learned more about the wartime relics. From there, we can imagine the circumstances of the soldiers during that difficult period. The hungry stomachs were filled with rustic meals, based on documents about wartime cuisine.

After half a day of exploring Quang Tri’s land, the members ended with sharing, feelings, and promises for the future.

So, what is the most special thing about this tour?

Together – it has always been a characteristic of AET. Without the coordination, understanding, and cooperation among everyone, perhaps AET could not have such a strong and united team, helping AET constantly progress, mature day by day, and always renew itself. Each trip may come to an end, but that connection is difficult to fade away. After this “Truong Son Memory” Tour, UNDERSTANDING and CONNECTION are probably the two words that Ad cherishes the most.

Finally, AET wishes that the Tour Leaders will always maintain close and sustainable relationships, and at the same time, wishes everyone a peaceful new year!

Happy Lunar New Year!

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