The Merry Christmas program with students from teacher Kim Oanh (Trieu Phong) and the Happy Language Center (Quang Tri)

From the early afternoon, AET quickly got on the buses and headed to the place where the cheerful and radiant students were eagerly awaiting the party. The first impression when AET saw the students was that everyone was wearing vibrant red and green outfits, and they were also wearing Santa Claus hats and Christmas pins. The Christmas atmosphere felt very close with them. As the buses went, the students were excited and curious. AET knew this, so we brought them the story of Santa Claus’s life and adventures. The students listened attentively, and their adorable expressions showed their amazement at the magical things about Santa Claus and Christmas gifts.

The party began, and Mr. Salem and Ms. Jaclyn started introducing the feast. Then, the students warmed up the atmosphere by dancing to lively Christmas music with the Tour Leaders. After the fun dances, they were ready to take the stage and perform wonderful songs that made Ad constantly amazed. With such a heated atmosphere, there was no need to hesitate. Exciting games like “Fill the Christmas stocking” or “Who’s smarter” began. The students eagerly participated, giving their full energy and making the games extremely exciting and fun.

After participating in the fun games, the students gathered in groups to start making cards. This was the part they had been looking forward to since the bus ride, as they had told AET. They worked attentively and meticulously. The beautiful Christmas cards were quickly completed, encapsulating their wishes and adorable messages. When the card-making time ended, they stepped onto the stage to introduce their cards and share their wishes. Each one wanted everyone to have good health and a joyful, peaceful Christmas, which touched AET, the teachers, and the parents, melting their hearts with the students’ cuteness. To get back into the festive atmosphere, the students moved on to the riddle-solving question and challenge to receive gifts. They all raised their hands high, answered cleverly, and eagerly took on the challenges to win lovely presents for themselves. During the party, they also celebrated the birthday of a lucky student, which was special and full of surprises for them.

Amazing English Tour thanks over 160 students for participating with all their energy. Thank you to teacher Kim Oanh (Trieu Phong), Teacher Quynh Truc (Happy English Center), and the parents, who played a special role in making the Christmas party that AET brought to the students grand and highly anticipated. Thank you to all of you, and we look forward to meeting the students again in the upcoming programs.

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