Cultural exchange with international tourists

It has been a long time since AET had the feeling of “Bringing the West to Quang Tri.” This time, fate and the assistance of a very amiable brother helped AET and the students have the opportunity to meet two visitors from the land of the stars and stripes – Mr. Jeffrey Hoover and Ms. Melanie Hoover. And it was even more wonderful when, as the program began, there was the participation of a friend from Morocco – a special country in North Africa.

The conversation and sharing took place in a cozy and laughter-filled atmosphere. The students all learned more about the country, people, culture, and beautiful landscapes that many Vietnamese students aspire to visit and experience the top-notch education system. And on the other side, the visitors were also surprised by the enthusiasm and excellent English speaking skills of the students. Some even passionately presented topics on world history, captivating the attention of AET, the students, and even the visitors. We couldn’t take our eyes off them.

And that lovely meeting concluded with high-fives, warm hugs, and commemorative photos as farewell greetings and sincere thanks to the visitors who dedicated themselves to the students!

Amazing English Tour sincerely thanks Mr. Tam, Mr. Jeffrey Hoover, and Ms. Melanie Hoover for taking precious time to participate in this wonderful gathering. Thank you to the parents and students for their continuous support and companionship. We will meet again soon, and we will learn many new and exciting things from the vast world out there through cultural exchange!!!

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