Tour Hue 26.05 – Hey, here we come!

Summer is a season of travel.

And this is also the season of meetings.
The meetings were full of energy and laughter, like today’s journey, as we walked together to Hue.

Our journey stopped at a village more than 600 years old called Bao La Rattan and Bamboo. As the name suggests, we have continuously admired the vast array of extremely sophisticated products made from bamboo and rattan by the hands of diligent artisans. And each of you was also guided by the teachers to personally experience weaving a hand fan to take home.

With a rustic bamboo fan in hand, we trotted back to the Hue Citadel to practice English communication with international tourists. The friends from the US, France, and Argentina were super cute. They stayed to chat, sing, and take pictures with us, spreading energy throughout the whole area of the Citadel.

Amazing English Tour would like to thank Dong Ha’s parents and students for trusting us. Therefore, we have an opportunity to accompany them on this trip filled with energy and joy.

See you on our next journey together!

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