Tour Hue 10/03/2024 – Together, we can go anywhere!

The weekend is here; pack your bags and go! Bus 1, Bus 2, and Bus 3. Here we go!!!
Three buses followed each other, rolling along the arterial road of Quang Tri province, passing through the dreamy streets of the beautiful city of Hue. Our students came to the Hue traditional craft village exhibition space. and Lavin Home. Here, students not only unleash their creativity in decorating lovely lanterns and colorful paper flowers but also listen to uncles and aunts introduce and impart knowledge about Hue’s craft villages, …

Know the ingredients to make a conical hat, the stages of making a unicorn, or how to make your own incense sticks. Besides, learning some sign language together is one of the most meaningful parts. AET believes that in just one morning, the students have accumulated a lot of useful knowledge for themselves. What could be more “amazing” than having an experience while also having the finished product and a gift to take home, right?

But you know, the soul of every tour is this: the activity of communicating English with international tourists. The Hue Monuments Complex welcomed the whole group with cool air. Airy space, under trees with hundreds of years of history. Eager and expectant, combined with excitement and bustle, AET really enlivened a small corner of Hue Citadel. Meeting, chatting, and singing with many travelers from different countries around the world, everyone seems to feel bold and confident. With the guidance of the Tour Leaders, students realize that chatting with foreign tourists is no longer too big of a challenge; it’s actually not as difficult as they thought when they were at home. After a few short conversations, AET no longer saw concern or timidity on their faces. It was a very productive afternoon.

Finally, on behalf of AET, we would like to thank the parents, Ms. Lien and Ms. Huong, for always accompanying AET and giving the students a memorable day of experience. Hope to have many more trips together in the future. Love all!

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