Tour Quang Tri – Hue: Happy Lunar New Year

“Light footsteps and soft words,
Let my comrades rest peacefully beneath the grass.
The sky in Quang Tri is clear and windy,
Even amidst the noise, don’t shake the rows of trees.
Light footsteps and soft words,
The ancient city is vast, yet my comrades lie cramped.
Each inch of land is a real life,
Allowing me to be overwhelmed with emotion today.”

These were the introductory words that AET and the students from Dong Ha, Quang Tri town, and Dakrong listened to yesterday morning on the combined journey of the Tour Quang Tri – Hue: Happy Lunar New Year. Although the weather was quite chilly with occasional drizzles, it couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm and anticipation from the students as they embarked on this inspiring journey.

Through this special trip, the students learned about the fierceness of the 81-day and night battle fought by thousands of soldiers. These heroes sacrificed themselves for the homeland, dedicating their youthful springs to the country and future generations. In addition, the students paid respects and visited the museum inside the Quang Tri Ancient Citadel. The photographs of the soldiers and the remaining artifacts somewhat helped the students understand the resilience that the soldiers had to endure.

Afterward, the group moved to Hai Thuong to learn about the “banh tet” and experienced making banh chung, banh day, and banh tet for the first time with their own hands. Not only did they enjoy the delicious taste, but they also brought some home. Undoubtedly, this will be an unforgettable experience not only for the students but also for the Tour Leaders.

This journey also provided the students with many opportunities to communicate and converse with international tourists on various interesting topics. This was a memorable time when the whole group interacted, took photos, and received feedback from the tourists. AET believes that these are beautiful memories that no student will ever forget. The harmonious cooperation between the students and Tour Leaders created an incredibly fulfilling tour.

After a long day full of energy and favorable weather from the moment the wheels started moving towards Hue, there were smiles and beautiful memories with the students. That is the MOTIVATION that drives the Tour Leaders to always strive to create a successful journey. It is hoped that through this Tour Quang Tri – Hue, the students will gain valuable knowledge and, above all, unforgettable experiences.

AET sincerely thanks the parents for your trust and choosing AET, and thanks Ms. Khanh Nhung (Dakrong) for connecting the young students with us. AET looks forward to meeting the students on future trips. AMAZING ENGLISH TOUR – ENRICH YOUR TRAVEL EXPERIENCES.

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